Friday, January 23, 2009

Just got a ton of stuff from the late '90's Baltimore punk/H.C. scene

Back before the swank improved Supreme Imperial was hosting indie-rock bands, 223 Pearl St was known as The Chop Shop and before that it was actually Supreme Imperial. The Chop Shop was a real DIY punk venue..bands played upstairs and T-shirts were printed downstairs. I caught many great shows there, Ink and Dagger, Converge, Kid Dynamite and I was there when the police shut down a Boy Sets Fire show. Damon Pieri ,who did some of the promotion for the space, sent me a ton of great fliers. Damon along with Mike Riley, Kevin Weston, Jamie Arthurs and Carlos Guillen ran the Chop Shop and also set up shows at U.M.B.C. I hope to set up an interview with Mike Riley in the near future and my good friend and project contributor Scott Peters took lots of great pics at the Chop Shop and he will be providing those pretty soon.

Many more fliers to come !

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Dopple said...

I have tons of stuff from the Loft 1995-2001.